The Casino di Venezia – A Casino with Class


The Casino di Venezia is a beautiful casino that you cannot miss. If you don’t like the vibe of huge casinos, you might want to give this casino a try. It’s a mid-size casino with a good number of games to offer. In this article, you will get to learn more about this casino:

Oldest Casino

The Casino di Venezia is known by other popular names, such as the ‘Ca’ Vendramin Calergi’, the ‘Palazzo Loredan Vendramin Calergi’ and the ‘Palazzo Loredan Grimani Calergi Vendramin’. Keep in mind that this the oldest casino in the world. This is why you should not miss this classic casino when you are in Italy.

This casino has a rich and interesting history. It started out as the ‘Theatre Saint Moses’ where people developed a habit to gamble in the intermissions of the play, and this is how the fascination for casino games grew with time.

Visual Treat

One of the biggest reasons to visit this spectacular casino is that it has the most incredible architecture that you will ever see. It is undoubtedly a sheer visual treat. After all, it was designed by the talented and skilled 15th century Italian Architect, Mauro Codussi. The casino is filled with amazing paintings by many skilled Italian painters.

Caribbean stud poker

Hence, you can expect more than just gambling in this casino. The place has still retained its old charm. When you walk into this casino, you are sure to be mesmerized by the beautiful wooden doors and chandeliers. It can transport you back to a different time period.

You will find this casino in one of the most beautiful locations in Italy, on the beautiful Grand Canal in Venice. Hence, it is undoubtedly a true tourist’s delight. You can also have a great lunch or dinner at The Wagner and try the Italian cuisine options while enjoying a great view.

Great Games

When you play in this casino, you will truly get a taste of royalty. The staff is kind and courteous. They are impeccably dressed in impressive tuxedos. You can enjoy playing games like fair roulette, French roulette, punto banco, chemin de fer, Caribbean stud poker, and blackjack. If you are a huge fan of playing slot machines, you will find plenty of slot machines here as well.

Many professionals like to come to the Casino di Venezia for tournaments. So, make sure that you visit this casino when there is a tournament going on. This is because you will get to watch the best poker players compete against each other and you can be in awe of their incredible skills and talent.

All in All

It would be a sin to miss this casino if you find yourself in the charming city of Venice. Make sure that you follow the dress code. This is a respectable casino with class, and you are expected to show up fashionably.

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